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Get Inspired by Stan and Dana’s Journey:
Overcoming Challenges to Achieve Lasting Success

Welcome to our story!

It was during a challenging Christmas season when everything changed for us. We faced an unexpected job loss that pushed us into the world of entrepreneurship.

Surprisingly, our business thrived in those early months. Clients sought us out because they were familiar with our work. We were ecstatic about being our own bosses and cherished the extra time we had to spend with our young daughters. We were able to move from a townhouse to a spacious home in a lovely neighborhood.

Life was amazing…until it wasn’t.

Out of the blue, client calls dwindled, projects became scarce, and we found ourselves in a state of confusion. We couldn’t understand why this was happening. Doubts started creeping in, questioning if it was our fault. Were we not delivering work up to par? (Back then, we took things too personally.) We were unfamiliar with the ebbs and flows of business. Gradually, frustration turned into fear.

Then, one week before Christmas, while Stan was sitting at his computer, he reached a breaking point. He pounded his desk and tears began to flow. In that moment of sheer desperation, Stan’s dad reached out. Stan poured his heart out, expressing his despair of having no work, no money, and not being able to buy Christmas gifts for our children. His dad urged us to hang in there, have faith, and search for a solution.

Little did we know, such hardships were opportunities for growth. At the time, though, we were utterly devastated.

So, what changed?

Before starting our design business, we tried our hand at network marketing in search of additional income streams. Though we couldn’t manage two businesses simultaneously, we did benefit from the mentorship our organization provided.

We delved into books written by business and thought leaders, and something incredible happened. We learned how to shift our mindset.

Here are a few lessons we learned that propelled our business forward:

  • Adopt an abundance mindset: competition is not the enemy; scarcity thinking is.
  • Cultivate an attitude of gratitude: appreciate clients, vendors, and even the tough times.
  • Understand that your skillset does not define your identity.
  • Keep an open mind to embrace new possibilities.
  • Seek guidance from mentors (or multiple mentors).

Since then, we haven’t experienced Christmases as challenging as that one. However, we have faced other tough times. And each low point has fueled our growth, leading us to greater success. We’ve learned to cherish the journey and utilize our expertise to support other businesses.

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